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Buying a Great Car in Mesa, Arizona

Purchasing a great car has become extremely expensive. Less expensive cars are often less functional and either do not last long or require extensive repairs. These repairs can quickly add up to almost as much as the more expensive options.

At Red Mountain Funding, we offer many used cars that are less than $10,000 and function superbly. One of our priorities is being able to give every family and individual the opportunity to own a car, regardless of their financial situation. We strive to provide vehicle options that are affordable and dependable.

The following listings are just a few of our many current options available for high-quality, affordable vehicles.

Used Buick Sedan

Used Cars Under 10000 Availble in Mesa Arizona - Red Mountain FundingWe have a 2008 Buick LaCrosse CX FWD that we are selling for $7,995. It has a 4-speed automatic transmission, which makes it especially easy to drive.

The stereo system has both an AM/FM radio and a CD player, giving you multiple listening options while you are on the road. It has air conditioning for hot Arizona days and power windows, so you can easily create the most comfortable temperature possible inside the vehicle.

This Buick also has anti-lock brakes and power steering for maximized control. The four alloy wheels increase performance and give the car a sleek and stylish appearance, in addition to saving you money with higher fuel efficiency than steel wheels.

This car has dual front air bags for increased safety, a security system and remote keyless entry, which eliminates the need to fumble with your key every time you get inside the vehicle. It also has an OnStar system to keep you from endangering yourself and your passengers by looking down at your phone.

Its tilt wheel feature allows you to make adjustments to best fit you and your driving style. It also has cruise control, so you can relax and cruise the Arizona roads without having to worry about your speed.

Used Ford Focus

If the 2008 Buick is not your style, we also have a 2013 Ford Focus SE FWD for $9,995. It is outfitted with both an AM/FM radio and a CD player, so that you can always play your favorite songs. It has anti-lock brakes, power steering and traction control, providing you with maximum control of the car on days when dangerous weather increases the threat of an accident.

Alloy wheels add to the car’s impressive performance, and they save you money by increasing fuel efficiency. They also give the car a stylish look.

This Ford Focus has air conditioning to keep you cool on Arizona days that are especially hot. If you prefer the comfort of fresh air, there are also power windows. It also features cruise control so you have fewer considerations while you are driving on the highway.

The car has dual airbags, which reduce safety concerns for both you and your passengers. Remote keyless entry saves you time, and increases convenience and safety. A tilt wheel makes it easy for you to customize this car to your driving preferences.

Used Nissan Xterra

Another one of our more affordable and dependable vehicles is a 2004 Nissan Xterra RWD, priced at $8,995. Slightly larger than the Buick LaCrosse and Ford Focus, it has an AM/FM radio and a compact disc player, so that you have many options for your music.

This Nissan offers air conditioning and power windows, so you can create the most comfortable environment possible while you are driving. It also has cruise control for increased ease while you are driving long distances.

This Xterra has alloy wheels that offer a superior performance to steel wheels and give the car a sleek look. It has anti-lock brakes, power steering and traction control, to ensure that you maintain control of your vehicle in all driving situations.

It also has remote keyless entry, giving you the ability to unlock and enter your car quickly. This reduces the danger of theft as you are getting into your car and increases overall convenience.

The wheel is a tilt wheel, so you can adjust it to fit your preference and create an ideal driving environment for your body type. This Xterra also has tinted windows, so that you can cruise around Mesa without people peering into your car, providing you with extra comfort and privacy while you are driving.

Your Expert in Used Cars for Sale – Mesa, AZ

Red Mountain Funding is a family owned company that has been helping lower income individuals and families in Mesa, Arizona for more than 20 years with financing on car loans. Along with loans, we have used cars for sale in Mesa that are high quality and affordable, as you saw above.

One of our goals at Red Mountain Funding is to make it possible for every family and individual in Mesa, Arizona to be able to own a car and make payments. We occasionally have cars returned to us because we are a major automotive finance company. We sell these cars back to the public at a reasonable price. Some of our used cars are available for less than $5,000, as you can explore in our online inventory.

At Red Mountain, we are determined to give every family and individual the ability to comfortably fund a vehicle. We are honest and trustworthy, and we will work with anyone to find an affordable vehicle through our loans and inexpensive used cars.

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